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Campaign for Establishing Human Rights Of the AIDS Infected People Winds Up

Rajshahi, May 28:

The AIDS candle light memorial campaign held with the view to ensuring human rights of the AIDS infected people and commemorating the deceased round the world, the weeklong campaign program wound up on Friday.

In observance of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day 2006, development organization CCD Bangladesh started the the 5-day campaign program titled as We Are Always With You on 22 May.

Commemorating those who died of HIV/AIDS and wishing long lives for those infected, CCD Bangladesh adopted 5-day program of AIDS awareness campaign up to 25 May in observance of the international day this year. National AIDS/STD Program (NASP) and UNICEF are supporting this exceptional program.

A spectacular candlelight rally was held in Rajshahi University on Sunday to commemorate those who died in HIV/AIDS and wishing long lives for those infected. Various sorts of colorful festoon, poster, red ribbon and banners displaying HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness-related messages adorned the rally. Some hundreds of students, teachers and development workers took part in the rally. Similar types of program, wishing long lives for the HIV/AIDS infected and in honor of the deceased was performed at Bhuban Mohon Park, Naohata Degree College, Baneswar Degree College and Puhtia Degree College next days consecutively. Expressing solidarity with this international program, CCD Bangladesh and its students wing Bangladesh Advanced Students Alliance (BASA) organized this program.

A large number of professionals including teachers, students, journalists, development workers, businessmen, political leaders and activists expressed their solidarity with the program of CCD and attended the programs. The members of Youth Voice perform folk songs including Baul song, pot song, theater and gomvira in different places and spread AIDS awareness and human rights related messages of the HIV/AIDS infected people among the mass gathering through entertainment. Different Government, non-Government organizations, donor and international agencies appreciated such an exceptional AIDS awareness campaign programs of CCD.

Director of CCD Bangladesh G M Mourtoza conducted the weeklong campaign program while Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal, A H M Abdul Hai, Abdul Muttalib Jewel, Abu Tayeb Shah and Farjana Yeasmin Juicy coordinated the series of cultural functions. Overall assistance in implementing this program was provided by the members and organizers of BASA and Youth Voice.

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