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Communication For AIDS Prevention- CAP
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Goal of the Project

Name of the Programs:

Geographic Area:

Target People:


Goal of the Project


The goal of the project is to create a symbolic environment using all the available communication media, producing and disseminating sufficient information and massages to contribute to develop or regenerate a culture that resists HIV/AIDS, ensure care and rights of affected population and to make possible greater ownership of the community over HIV/AIDS communication. The project intends to replace the fragmented and vertical approaches of interventions by a community based, horizontal and holistic approach.


Name of the Programs:


§        Materials Development for Journalists Training and Workshop

§        Orientation of Journalists on HIV/AIDS Issue

§        Training on AIDS Journalism

§        Workshop for Media Owners

§        Develop Anti-AIDS Journalists Network

§        Media Appreciation Focusing on AIDS Issue

§        Report Writing Competition on HIV/AIDS Issue

§        Institutional Capacity Building: Developing Bangladesh AIDS Information and Documentation Services

§        Rapid Response to ensure Human Rights of AIDS Victims

§        Campaign against HIV/AIDS

§        AIDS Communication Research

§        Advocacy for Combating HIV/AIDS


The proposed programs are conceptually interrelated. The logical framework of the project is developed on the basis of UNAIDS and Rockefeller Foundation’s strategic guidelines. It has been designed to replace the existing fragmented approach of HIV/AIDS communication by a comprehensive and holistic one. Exclusion of any component of the project will hold back the envisaged outcomes.


Geographic Area:


The geographic location of the project will be the whole northern region of Bangladesh. The area includes 16 districts and 127up-zilla, majority of the districts having border with India are highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.


Target People:

The target people and beneficiaries of this project are journalists, media owners, opinion leaders, community leaders, religious leaders, public representatives, political leaders, educators, government officials, development activists, member of the civil society, students, high-risk groups and HIV/AIDS effected people. Ultimate beneficiaries of the project will be community and the vulnerable people of northern region of Bangladesh.


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