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Center for Communication and Development-CCD


Table of Contents

Who we are

Our Vision

Our Mission


Our Activities

Future Plan

Executive Committee 

Board Of Advisors 

Our Partner

We Need Your Support


Who we are


Centre for Communication and Development- CCD is a non-profit, non-government organization working in the northern region of Bangladesh. It was established in 1999 by the endeavor of some self-motivated professionals of diverse working areas with a common premise of understating. CCD since the time of its inception has been sincerely working for free flow of information, free press, free speech and free sprit of all the people. The organization is committed to utilize the full power and potential of information and communication media for human and social gods and egalitarian society. It is a resources centre that works for ensuring effective use of the mass media and information to achieve good governance, women empowerment and gender equity in all level and a progressive, free and egalitarian society. It is also working for human resources development and enhancement of professional skills of journalists, development activists and other professionals of its working areas. To achieve its set objectives CCD organizes trainings, workshops, seminars, symposiums, conduct research works and publish reports and books related to communication, journalism, gender, environmental and other socio-economic development issues.


Our Vision


CCD is committed to utilize the power and potentials of information and communication media to create a climate that ensures human rights and equitable development for all, enhances peace, democracy and coexistence. It envisages to utilize communication for social good and intends to mean development as a means of human well-being.


Our Mission


The mission of CCD is to utilize the full potential of information and communication media for peoples' sustainable development and to bring integrity among different professionals to use this combined force for people's development purposes.




The basic objective of CCD is to ensure availability of all necessary information and use all the available means to meet the peoples' development needs through appropriate programmatic actions. Specifically the objectives are as follows:

  • To establish an effective two way and participatory information and communication system for equitable and holistic development of all level of people.

  • To develop skills of the media practitioners and professionals so that information technology and mass media are used optimally for peoples’ development.

  • To increase the inter-relationship among development workers, media practitioners and other professionals to ensure sustainable development.

  • To conduct communication and social research on necessary areas and publish the results.
  • To empower women and to ensure their human rights and help protect the rights children and handicaps and to stop violence against them.
  • To build-up alternative social organizations for eradicating poverty and to empower the poor, under privileged and the backward people.
  • To enhance inner potentials of the reference people to help them to come-up as the key actors of the development process.
  • To work to reduce psychological insecurity of the religious and ethnic minorities and to better people’s culture and human rights situation.
  • To develop communication and BCC materials, training manuals, modules and play active advocacy roles to stop abuse of drugs, child labor and married, spread of STD/HIV/AIDS, arsenic contamination and other social problem.
  • To create a welfare fund for the working journalists, development workers, poor women and the handicaps.

Our Activities



Human Resources Development

  • AIDS Journalism Training Program

  • Program for Capacity Building of Local Media

  • Women Journalists Training Program

  • Women Journalist Internship and Fellowship Program

  • Rural Journalists Training and Fellowships Program

  • Cyber Journalism Training Program

  • Training Program for Social and Development Workers

  • Local Resource Groups Develop Program

  • Appreciation Program for Rural Journalists

Awareness Building

  • Awareness Raising Program for STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Anti Trafficking Campaigning Program

  • Awareness Raising Program for Arsenic Mitigation

  • Awareness Raising Campaigning for Breastfeeding

  • Awareness Raising Program for Preserving Human Rights

  • Awareness Raising Program for Polio Prevention

  • Awareness Raising Program for DENGUE  Prevention

  • Anti Polythene Awareness Raising Campaign

Advocacy for Advancement

  • Media Advocacy for STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Media Advocacy in Combating Trafficking

  • Gender Equity and Women Empowerment

  • Political Empowerment for Women

  • Protect Child Labor, Child Married and Dowry

  • Stop Violence Against Journalist

Research and Monitoring

  • AIDS Communication Research

  • Gender Disparity in Journalism Profession

  • Role of Communication Media for Socio-Economic Development

  • Role of Journalists for People’s Empowerment

  • Public Opinion Survey on National and local Election

  • Monitoring on Violence Against Journalists

  • Research on Political Empowerment of the Grassroots people

  • Causes and Consequences of Women Trafficking


  • Bangladesh Anti-AIDS Students Alliance (BASA)

  • Anti-AIDS Journalists Alliance (AJA

  • Anti-Trafficking Journalists Network (ATJ Net)

Future Plan


  • To Establish Journalism Training Institute

  • To Publish Community Newspaper

  • To Establish Community Radio

  • To Establish Computer Education Centre

  • To Build-up an Effective Network with National and Local NGO’s

Executive Committee


Acting Chairman


Dulal Chandra Biswas


Dep. of Mass Communication, R.U.

and Former Information Officer

Caritas Bangladesh & CCDB

Vice Chairman

Dulal Chandra Biswas



Tanveer Ahmad

Assistance Professor

Dep. of Mass Communication, R.U.

and Former Training Officer

Press Institute of Bangladesh

Akter Jahan

Lecturer, Dep. of Mass Communication

Rajshahi University

Former Journalist

Mohammed Zulfiker

Prominent Journalist

General Secretary

Rajshahi City Press Club

Ms. Shahana Perveen

Social Activist


Nazrul Islam

Social Activist

Executive Director


Golam Mourtoza

Media, Public Relation and

Development Activist

Board of Advisors


Chief Advisor

Dr. Sultan Ahamad

Former Economist

The World Bank, Washington Office, USA



Dr. A. A. M. S. Arefin Siddique


Dep. of Mass Communication & Journalism

Former Chairman

Bangladesh News Service (BSS)

Ms. Farah Kabir

Assistant Director, Governance

The British Council Bangladesh

Prominent Women Activist

Saleem Samad

Prominent Journalist and

Media Specialist

Kamrul Hassan Monju

Executive Director

Mass Line Media Center

Nayeemul Islam Khan

Prominent Newspaper Editor

Media Specialist, and

President, BCDJC

Ms. Zafrin Jabin Chowdhury

Communication Officer

UNICEF- Bangladesh


Our Partner

We would be ever grateful to following organization for their continues support and contribution. We did not implement any program without their timely support. They are-

  • CARE Bangladesh

  • UNICEF Bangladesh

  • The British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • The Thomson Foundation-UK

  • Global Health Council-USA

  • Earthday Network-USA

  • Inter World Radio-UK

  • Rajshahi City Corporation

  • ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter

  • Coordination Council for Human Rights of Bangladesh

  • Urban Primary Health Care Project- UPHCP

  • Bangladesh Centre for Development, Journalism and Communication

  • Mass Line Media Center- MMC

  • Center for Women and Children Studies- CWCS

  • Democracy Watch

  • Khan Foundation

  • Bangladesh Human Rights Journalists Association

  • Department of Mass Communication, Rajshahi University

  • Rajshahi AIDS Steering Committee

  • Rajshahi Human Rights and Development Forum

We Need Your Support


The small amount of funds collected from various local organisation and from the peoples given out of benevolence were being used so far to carryout, CCD programs. Our success and the rising expectations of the people with whom CCD works have been compelled us to widen and reinforce our on-going activities. This requires consisting funding supports for which we are desperately seeking donors. So, we are humbly seeking your assistant and support for human causes that we are fighting for. Please assist us and make our development partner. We would be ever grateful to you for your kind assistance.


Last Updated

08 December 2004

Center for Communication and Development-CCD

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Anti-AIDS Journalists Alliance-AJA

Bangladesh Anti-AIDS Students Alliance-BASA


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